Curtains & Solar Film

Premium window covering

Day & Night Curtain

Our curtains are tailor made to measurement with our range of premium fabric imported mainly from Europe and Asia, sewn and made in Singapore just for you.

Day Curtain

Day curtains are elegant sheers designed to allow natural lighting to brighten up your place, yet providing certain degrees of privacy control in your place during the day. This is often paired with our night curtains for dual purposes. 

Night Curtains (Dim Out)

Night curtains are designed to block out from 65% to 90% of sunlight. Thus, It provides optimal privacy, insulation, along with degrees of soft lighting into your room during the day.

Night Curtains (Black-out)

Blackout curtains are layered curtains with close knits or PVC backing , providing 100% light deflection with maximum privacy and heat insulation functionality. Therefore, they are great choices for interior that requires total darkness.

Window Solar Film

Why choose solar film ?

Our solar film is an excellent cost friendly solution to reduce sun glare and heat into your interior spaces, without blocking your window view. Our micro layer thin film comes with variety of properties to suit the needs of our client. 

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